Pareidolia Hamster

It’s not Jesus, but I’ll take it.

A cafe-goer was given the shock of their life when they were served a blueberry muffin that looked uncannily like a live hamster.

The person was so surprised by their snack’s resemblance to one of the furry little critters that they uploaded a picture of it to Reddit under the username, upparoom.

With a snout-shaped top spilling over the muffin case, a blueberry for an eye and a dark lump for an ear, the treat does look slightly like a hamster’s profile.

Thankfully, the muffin did of course turn out to be full of doughy deliciousness rather than fluffy hamster fur – otherwise it could have got messy.

It’s unclear where the hamster-shaped muffin was served.

There’s a poll at the bottom of the screen asking readers to vote yes or no on if this muffin looks like a hamster. What it really needs is a “who gives a crap?” box to click…


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