Did you know you can opt out of Catholic teachings at some Catholic schools?

I don’t have time right now to do this justice, so I’ll just quote from the Globe and Mail article:

An Ontario Catholic high school teacher was disciplined for informing his students they can’t be forced to study religion, underscoring the determination of Catholic school boards to get students to take religious studies.

The teacher, Paul Blake, had a disciplinary note attached to his file in May, after he told a group of Grade 12 students of a recent court case that affirmed their right to an exemption from religious courses and ceremonies.

Minister of Education Liz Sandals refused to say Wednesday whether she will continue to let Catholic schools force students to study religion against their will.

“I figured I had nothing left to lose,” he said in a recent interview. “Some of my students were quite surprised and they were like, ‘All these years I’ve been taking this course and I didn’t need to?’”

Since the mid 1980s, students are allowed to get an exemption if they are going to Catholic school but don’t want to take the Catholic courses. It all comes down to the fact that Catholic schools now get public money and have opened their doors to teaching students of other faiths.


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