Recipe for a Saturday


1 day drizzle (or double this for Sunday leftovers)
1 energetic kid
1 inventive mother figure

First, divide the day into randomly shaped segments and take turns filling them with ideas. Warning: do not let child think he can get away with filling his segments with nothing but boredom or episodes of Green Lantern the Animated Series

The Man’s working Friday – Monday, sadly, leaving the Little Man and me to fend for ourselves.

I took the day off work yesterday, partially on account of that but also because of a new sofa delivery (yay!). Yesterday afternoon we walked to a couple close garage sales. I managed to pick up two of the three Indiana Jones movies worth watching (the seller couldn’t find his copy of Temple of Doom to include with the set, unfortunately) and he borrowed a couple dollars out of my pocket so he could afford a collection of well-used Beyblades and an “arena”. Do you know to build a Beyblade? I do now…

Today’s a bit up in the air on account of rain and more is expected tomorrow. We may miss out on hitting more garage sales but he has rain gear so he can’t use the intermittent drizzle as an excuse to stay inside watching movies all day.

We also have a lot of games around like Uno, Battleship, Skip-Bo and now a game called Harvest Time.

First, gardens are planted. Then everyone rolls the special die. to do the harvesting. The job is to harvest the gardens before Winter comes. Will we get them all? Maybe, if we remember to help each other out.

Don’t think it’s a ripoff of Farmville or something; it’s a cooperative game that’s been around since 1980 and “draws the most fan mail.” The Man played it quite a bit as a boy and was glad to find it still at his folks’ place the last time we were there. I’ve never heard of this company but since Christmas is only a few months away, their website might offer you some options that big box stores can’t match. I’d say, “Tell them 1minion sent you,” but they’d just reply with “Who’s 1minion?”

Another option of enjoyment for the weekend will be baking. We can throw some cookies together. He enjoys helping with that kind of thing. For one thing, it’s kind of fun. For another, he can eat them later. I have a hankering for shortbread, myself, but we have the fixings for several types around. I like having a well-stocked pantry.

Well anyway, this is the only post out of me today. Have a video. I should bring this movie home again sometime. Haven’t seen it in ages.

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