Atheist Scruples: don’t drink and drive

I guess it’s a question in this game because not everyone thinks like I do.

One of your guests has drunk too much and become obnoxious. Finally, he is about to leave. Do you allow him to drive home in his condition?

Saskatchewan Government Insurance offers an Android App called SGI Safe Ride.

The SGI Safe Ride App puts all Saskatchewan taxis, DD services, transit routes, and even your own designated drivers in the palm of your hand. So, if you have been out for a few drinks you can always plan a safe ride home.
• Automatically determines your location, and lists one-touch calling for all local taxis and designated driver services.
• Provides available city transit information in your area.
• Allows you to easily assign designated drivers from your contacts list or add custom numbers.
This app is currently only designed for people living in Saskatchewan, Canada.

So, no use to my worldly readers, but locally worth knowing about.

This is assuming my annoying, obnoxious friend has not made an ass out of himself to a point where I’d want to go year before another visit and wouldn’t care if he killed himself crossing the road after what he said.

Then again, that’d be mighty cruel of me and, for all I know, liable in the death of him or those he may harm if I let him leave while inebriated.

So, aiming to avoid that possibility: crash on my couch, idiot. I’ll give you coffee in the morning and tell you all about the stupid ass things you did and said. You’re lucky we’re such good friends…

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2 Responses to Atheist Scruples: don’t drink and drive

  1. Laurance says:

    I don’t host parties to begin with, so I don’t have people drinking in my house. I’d rather they didn’t if they’re going to need to drive home. I don’t know how it is in Canada, but here underneath you if someone gets drunked up and has a car accident and kills someone, the host of the party or the owner of a bar can be held responsible. I don’t know that the party host or bar owner is ALWAYS responsible, but there are circumstances under which such a person can be sued.

    it may be a matter of Deep Pockets. They may sue whomever may be able to pay more. Can anybody down here talk about this? If I as host appear to have more money than my drunken guest, it may be I who find myself being sued.

    There used to be a neighborhood bar down the street. It had been there for years and years. But somebody got drunked up and killed someone in an accident, and the bar was sued for so much money they had to go out of business.

    I just don’t need that kind of trouble. Don’t drink in my house if you can’t get yourself home safely.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    We’re not party people, either. A few beer or glasses of wine and we’re set. We hardly ever have people over. I’m at a point where, if Mormons or JW pop by, I might actually invite them in for coffee…

    In university I lived on campus and a bar across the street was easily accessible to everyone with ID – real or fake. The place made headlines at the time because a boy had gotten in with fake ID, got himself completely hammered and brushed off all offers to help him get home at the end of the night. He opted to walk and was found later, frozen to death. The club had to do a serious crack down on fake IDs and their cheap booze nights. The place didn’t last much more than a year after that.

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