It’s a ghost town around here

The Man and I took a few days to relax sans internet at his folks’ cabin north of the city. He did find a sweet spot on the deck which worked to check a few messages with his phone but otherwise we were cut off. Lovely.

I’ve done some poking around online since getting back and have a few ideas for what to write about next. Proper posts will resume on Monday. For now, explore the ghost town that is my blog this weekend. Check the categories, check the tags, type random words into the search bar and see if anything interesting pops up.

Speaking of ghost towns, if you have a million dollars burning a hole in your bank account and you don’t know what to do with it, consider buying Bradian, British Columbia. The whole town is for sale. A bit of a fixer-upper, but close to Whistler – prime skiing country right there.

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