BC Pastafarian seeks to wear colander for driver’s licence photo

Obi Canuel is an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and he made the request this year but so far has been denied. The Insurance Corporation of B.C

told him “there is no religious requirement that prohibits you from removing the colander for the purpose of taking the photo to appear on your driver’s license.”

ICBC said its religious head covering policy strive to strike a balance between respect for the driver’s religious beliefs and a need to preserve the integrity of the licensing system.

For the past several years, Austria has allowed people to identify as Pastafarian and a fellow in Poland wanted his country to extend the same right to him. The article has no update as to his luck with that endeavor but it turns out a higher court did agree to allow for Pastafarians to register as religious observers there.

It’s also been allowed in Texas as of 2013.

“I don’t want to say its poking fun at religious head-wear in other peoples faiths I would like to think that it actually opens the doors for new age religion and just it kind of symbolizes acceptance and it kind of celebrates in a sense that we are a melting pot of a country,” Castillo told EverythingLubbock.com.

Canuel is taking the stance that an insurance company shouldn’t have any say in what people wear on their heads in terms of religious headgear. I suppose he can make the case that it’s not obscuring his facial features in any way.

Strangely, a photo of Canuel wearing the exact same strainer on his head was approved for his new B.C. Services card

I don’t think it’s written down anywhere that government has to make sense…

I think it’s all a bit silly but whatever. At least it’s a practice that doesn’t hurt anyone. Ramen and good luck, man.

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