I put a request in to borrow God’s Not Dead

Only because I’m blogging again, I assure you. I have plans to try playing BINGO with it. I looked around online for cards that I might be able to use as I watch the film. I’m torn between this one and this one. Maybe I’ll try both.

Here’s the trailer.

I only made it half way through that. Can I manage the movie?

Neil Carter at Godless in Dixie has a really good rundown of the film and why its stereotypically negative portrayal of atheists is wrong and dangerous. I’ll just quote this bit.

In the end the central injustice of this movie is its failure to fairly represent a class of people whom Christians purport to love. But it’s not loving people well to misrepresent them this badly. This movie caricatures, dehumanizes, and depersonalizes people like me, portraying us in the worst possible light. How could I not find this movie disgustingly offensive? Every single atheist in this film is a spineless, uncaring jerk. This is how you love someone like me? You made atheists the bad guys! And not even complex bad guys. You made us two-dimensional cartoon villains who rub our hands together menacingly, tweaking our pencil-thin moustaches above our sinister grins.

I can understand where Christians are coming from in general terms. I like the idea of a higher power who gives a damn and watches over people. I was fond of the art in a storybook I had as a child about guardian angels and their role in child-rearing. The idea was lovely but even at the age of seven I never could put much stock into believing there were beings at my back holding me back when I was tempted to do the wrong thing. All I really had to do was envision the reaction of my mother…

Several copies of the movie arrived at the library this week and there are 51 holds across the province for it. Local holds tend to get filled first so look for my rundown sometime soon. I’ll add a link to it here once I’ve tried to sit through it and write about it.

Wish me luck.

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