For some reason I watched Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Well, one reason: it was there.

It’s the sequel following the original Planet of the Apes film. It had its moments but it was pretty stupid overall.

Another ship crash lands on the futuristic Earth and the surviving astronaut, Brent, hopes to find out what happened to Taylor, Charlton Heston’s character in the first film. I was going to rehash it here but it’s been done.

The ending took me by surprise somewhat, I have to say. Charleton Heston blows up the world with the Almighty Bomb that a society of mutant humans had been worshiping. Maybe the humans would have used it on the gorillas, maybe the gorillas would have used it on the humans. Taylor ultimately decides neither race of sentient beings deserves to live anymore and hits the button.

Every single character you got to know in this movie was totally irrelevant because as soon as control of the movie was given back to Taylor, he decided (still) that human beings just weren’t deserving of anything and finally, and decisively damns them all to hell. To be fair, the idea that this cynical character, after enduring so much emotional trauma would do something this drastic isn’t entirely crazy. In many ways, Taylor was always headed to this place from his very first speech in the first film. Maybe being the destroyer of the Earth was his destiny.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have been up to him to make the decision, but I suppose somebody had to do something and this was the best of bad choices…

I wonder if the writers were focusing on any particular part of human history as inspiration for these films. Were they meant to be a warning, or just some silly fun for summer movie goers?

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