“minions having intercourse” and other things people look for

There are no pictures of me doing that. It’s not that kind of blog.

Been a while since I did a search party, though. Let’s see what’s sending people my way this week:

helen keller Satanist 6
google atheist experience show 3
scruples questions 3
gafsa beach 3
thatcher ants 3
my soul is tired 3
helen keller illuminati 3
minion fuck is Wednesday 2
itsfunnyyoushouldsaythat.wordpress.com 2
was helen keller a Satanist 2

Does anyone else sense a theme here? Helen Keller is listed three times out of 10 searches.

Sorry about the formatting. I’ve completely forgotten how to make it look good. And at the moment, I just don’t care.

I don’t get the Wednesday thing. I search for that phrase in particular and it leads to a video. I don’t think the Minion says Fuck You in this ad. He’s trying to say Thank You. It’s aural paredolia, the same as thinking you hear voices in white noise, or a phrase in a record played backwards.

Once you’re told it’s “there” you can’t unhear it. Same goes for misheard lyrics in general. The Man says that a song he hears at work appears to have the lyrics “I’m masterbating for you, loverboy,” but it beats me what song he’s actually hearing. Something by Madonna or Debbie Gibson, maybe? They play a lot of old ’80s stuff on Sobeys Radio.

Overall, the McGurk effect is really cool. Our poor brains work so hard to make things make sense, even when it’s nonsense.

Thatcher ants, also interesting. Maybe not as exciting as fire ants or the Brazilian ant city or the Argentine Ant Invasion, but still pretty nifty. Apparently they’ll herd aphids. I’ve never witnessed that, but I’ve seen them take a grasshopper to task pretty effectively. Talk about mob mentality.

I don’t know why I didn’t go into entymology. Or, in this case, ANTomology. Har har. Just didn’t have enough interest in biology growing up, I suppose. I thought it was all biology of plants and dissecting pigs. Either boring or gross. I think the insect world would have been pretty fascinating.

Side note to anyone promoting the paleo diet: are you including the eating of insects? I’m sure our paleo ancestors did a lot of that. The notion of eating crickets or chocolate covered ants gives me the wigs, but it’s all cultural, I know. They’re rumoured to be very tasty.

Hunting for thatcher ant details led me to Project Noah and it doesn’t look overly biblically inspired in spite of the name. From their Education page:

Project Noah was created to provide people of all ages with a simple, easy-to-use way to share their experiences with wildlife. By encouraging your students to share their observations and contribute to Project Noah missions, you not only help students to reconnect with nature, you provide them with real opportunities to make a difference.

If there are any teachers in the audience, look into this. See if it looks like a worthwhile project to support and report back.

Lastly, the wordpress link given doesn’t appear to exist. So, if you’re looking to start something, register it if you want it.

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