Canadian loyalty: Prefer bands and pets over religion

(Edit: Or, if not religion, at least church)

Entertaining news out of an online survey done by a research group interested in what really matters to Canadians. Take it with the proverbial grain of salt, of course.

The COLLOQUY/FanXchange 2014 Experiential Rewards Research shows that 73% of Canadians state they are “extremely loyal” or “somewhat loyal” to their favorite bands, with loyalty to their pets ranking an extremely close second at 72%. Favorite sports team rates third with 65%, while university/alma mater (46%) and church/house of worship (41%) ranks a distant fourth and fifth, respectively.

Study findings are based on a June 2014 online survey of 1,005 English-speaking Canadian consumers. COLLOQUY, operated by LoyaltyOne, is a leading provider of loyalty-marketing research, publishing and education. FanXchange is a leader in live event ticketing for loyalty programs.

Religious loyalty by area:

English-speaking Quebec scored lower than other regions (and the United States) for loyalty to churches/houses of worship.

English-speaking Quebec – 32%
Ontario – 41%
West – 44%
Prairies – 44%
Maritimes – 48%
United States – 55%

This doesn’t sound overly surprising:

Gender stereotyping would point to men being more loyal to their favorite sports teams than women, but the COLLOQUY/FanXchange research exposes a staggering gap of 73% to 57%. The research shows that neither men nor women are overly loyal to their churches/houses of worship, with both sexes scoring a mere 41%.

They also make the point of suggesting something else that’s not overly surprising. Part of why pets, sports and music/concerts rank higher than church likely comes down to what people find most enjoyable and memorable in life. Cheering like a maniac. Playing with one’s pet. Belting out the lyrics to every loved track on every album ever produced by that one awesome performer. These are the moments where the memories and joy can be found.

Church? Well… let the numbers speak for themselves.

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