Morality Movie Monday – Lars and the Real Girl

I just watched this film again the other night. Still love it.

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I have seen a lot of movies over the years. I have cried over a lot of movies over the years, too, from typical tear-jerkers of the Nicholas Sparks variety to Pete’s Dragon. A movie really sells itself to me (and is, therefore, worth its price) by providing me with characters I can really empathize over. Lars and the Real Girl is one of those movies.

The back of the box sells this 2007 film as a “heartfelt comedy” written by Nancy Oliver, who also wrote several Six Feet Under episodes. That was a show I quite enjoyed, so I knew this film would be quirky. I wouldn’t slap a comedy sticker on it, though. This is a film to get very sad over. While the premise seems bizarre (and laugh-inducing), the New York Times Magazine once featured a story about a man in Japan who carries his manga…

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