Apparently Canada had an “abortion storm”

First I heard of it. Breaking Christian News has the details, such as they are.

The rumbling thunderclouds appeared in May when Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau declared that only pro-choice candidates would be allowed to run in the party’s nominations for the 2015 federal election. Mr. Trudeau went on to state that party members would be whipped to vote pro-abortion if the matter was to come up.

“Political party leaders have trampled on the rights of Canadians by enforcing pro-abortion policies within their parties, thereby dictating over matters of conscience,” says LifeCanada.

They have a Click here for more information link, so I did.

The storm intensified when the abortion movement in the Maritimes used the purported closure of a private abortion clinic in New Brunswick to pressure the government into funding the procedure in private clinics, not just in hospitals. Now with a provincial election happening in September, abortion is at the top of the agenda.

Adding to the storm’s intensity is an international conference on abortion to be hosted in August in Prince Edward Island, the only province where abortions are not performed. Titled “Abortion: The Unfinished Revolution,” the conference seeks to promote the cultural and political acceptance of abortion.

LifeCanada sees prayer as a remedy against abortion increasing in Canada.

August 1st was supposed to be the day to pray and fast. I wonder how many did and how they’d even tell if it was successful. The thing is, praying to make abortion illegal won’t stop abortion. Making abortion illegal would just make it harder to have a safe one.

21 million people have an unsafe abortion every year because they can’t access safe care. Since 1994, about 1 million have died and more than 100 million have suffered often life-long injuries from complications.

No one is ever forced by their governments to go through with an abortion – I hope. If you personally are against abortions, if your church is against them, then by all means follow the orders of your church and don’t have one. But please stop insisting your morality and beliefs should take priority over the health, well-being and personal choices of someone else! For Fuck’s sake, this gets old and tiring! A woman’s body is her own and you have no say in what she does or doesn’t do with it! If she doesn’t want to have a baby, it’s really up to her and the father of that fetus! It has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!

Sorry for the capslock but seriously. IT HAS NO IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE! IGNORE IT! LET IT GO! It’s a hard enough choice for a family to make without having some insanely religious wacko nutjobs shouting at them about how big a sin it is and how much the devil will love to punish them for it.

That belief system is completely and totally opposite of helpful. What happened to compassion? Why does it take a backseat to religious righteousness? Your morality compass does not have the power to negate their right to choose.

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