So, who’s going to watch Atheist TV on July 29th, 2014?

What is it they’re offering?

the channel will broadcast 24 hours, mostly with licenses and pre-recorded content, such as documentaries by the Richard Dawkins Foundation as well as a talk show titled “Atheist Viewpoint” and a call-in show, “Atheist Experience”.

It’ll be available to anyone using Roku (which I’ve never heard of) but will also be viewable at its website.

Hopefully it’ll be accessible in Canada. I wouldn’t mind checking it out once in a while. I’ll have to watch what they advertise as upcoming content.

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2 Responses to So, who’s going to watch Atheist TV on July 29th, 2014?

  1. Laurance says:

    I don’t watch TV. I wonder if it’s necessary to actually sit there looking at it, or if listening while washing dishes would be enough. When I’m sitting, I’m reading reading reading and not looking at the TV. I’ll go to the website and see how it works.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I think it’s high time something like this exists, even if it won’t have a huge audience base compared to the Christian Broadcasting Network and its ilk. Hopefully they get good feedback and can offer some quality viewpoints on atheism and the benefits of thinking critically about history, myths and beliefs. I’d hate to see it cater entirely to a “religion sux and beleevers are stoopid” mentality. That would kill it before it finds its legs, even though I know many atheists might take that view and want to see it promoted more prominently.

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