Pareidolia toast!

Actually, not even pareidolia: you don’t have to wait for the coincidental pattern on your toasted treat that looks like Jesus if you squint one eye and turn your head to the left. Now you can make your own pattern with ease!!

Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. has been making image-burning toasters for four years. It specializes in sports logos and last year had a big hit with Jesus toast, but company President and CEO Galen Dively had long dreamed of making truly customized designs, including toast with peoples face on it.

And now they can. They purchased a CNC Plasma Cutter from a company in Colorado and oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster! I want one of these!!

That’s so pointless and yet so fun. I don’t think I’d use my own face though. I would use FSM or perhaps Chuthulhu. Give my breakfast a bit of class. Terrifying, soul crushing class.

Too bad the toaster is so specific. You only get one picture you can put on in. Maybe it’d be better to use a photo of quote that would perk me up for the whole day.



But now I feel compelled to include a different kind of toaster to this post…

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