“Pope was misquoted” — yeah, and I’m sure Jesus was, too

Well, if there was a Jesus. There really is a Pope, though, and Francis made some comments about pedophilia on the weekend to a journalist but the Vatican PR department has since done a bit of quick foot backpeddling to wave away was it was he was quoted as saying — that 2% of priests are pedophiles.

2% maybe doesn’t sound like a lot but the article breaks it down in a way that’ll help visualize it: 1 in 50. That’s a lot.

“This data should hearten me but I have to tell you that it does not hearten me at all. In fact, I think that it is very grave,” he was quoted as saying. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said that not all the phrases could be attributed “with certainty” to the pope.

“… it does not hearten me…”

I would hope not.

Part of me feels bad for the guy because he’s inherited a whole kettle of stinky fish. He seems nice from what I’ve seen of him. But admitting to the fact that there are pedophiles isn’t going to be enough here. He has to commit to actions that will stop them, not do like his predecessors and continue to endorse secrecy or plans to move them around to new parishes and new victims.

If prayer hasn’t “fixed” this problem yet, maybe they ought to try something else.

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