Atheist Scruples: best friends make the best employees?

You are on a committee to award a lucrative contract. A person you believe would be best for the job is also a close friend. Do you abstain from the vote?

If this friend is in the best possible position to take on the job and I can honestly say said friend is the best of all choices, then I will suggest the friend. It’s not always about favouritism; it’s about who can do the job the best. If I didn’t think this friend was capable of fulfilling the deadlines and contracts, I wouldn’t suggest him or her as an option, and I’d be honest about job satisfaction if some other person suggested my friend as a possible ally/partner. Friendship is important, but so is livelihood. And I’d rather not throw a friend to the sharks if I didn’t think he or she could really handle it.

Edit 7:38 july 12/14: There were some personal job specific details in this post but I’ve decided to take them out. Keep reading

Skills and ability need to matter a lot more than interpersonal relationships sometimes.

Best pal doesn’t necessarily make for best worker.

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