Hard to be both gay and a teacher in Georgia, apparently

Sad, but not entirely surprising:

A gay Georgia teacher has been told that his contract will not be renewed after four years of teaching music at a Catholic school. Flint Dollar had received no parent complaints and had a clear record at the school; however, the teacher had recently announced his plans to marry his gay partner on social media.

Dollar says that he had been honest about his sexual orientation since he was hired.

Dollar was called in to see the school president on the last day of school. “I was told that … the bishop of the Diocese of Savannah called and expressed his concern that if I was to return it would be against the teachings of the Catholic Church,” he said.

The church, the church. It doesn’t matter how many people Pope Francis will kiss on the side of the road or hi-5, they’ll still pull this old chestnut forward, that to gay is to sin..

The state of Georgia does not have a law prohibiting employers from discriminating against homosexuals, but Dollar plans to use Title VII of the Civil rights act as the basis for a lawsuit. Title VII prevents employers from discrimination of sex.

Dollar’s attorney Charles Cox said, “When you fire somebody because they are engaging in a same-sex marriage, I think that pretty clearly fits with gender discrimination. You’re being fired because you’re not complying with traditional gender stereotypes, and that’s wrong, and we believe it’s unlawful.”

Dollar says he does not plan to return to the school if he wins the suit.

I don’t know why he’d work there in the first place, but I suppose a job is a job and it’s a tough job market at the best of times. And never mind how great a teacher he might have been in terms of motivating his students into pursuing music careers, or helping them utilize the math of it as a basis for other pursuits. Teh gay is teh evil! Down with teh evil!

I’m always baffled by how much it matters to some people. Why does it matter? Oh right, ideas from 2000+ year old goat herders suggest this is so. Well, going by that logic, I’d rather follow the teachings of the Kama Sutra. It’s as old and more fun:

The title of the text, Kama Sutra , literally means “a treatise on pleasure.” Far more complex than a mere listing of contortionist sexual positions, the Kama Sutra provides a comprehensive manual of living for the good life. Although the central character of the Kama Sutra is the citizenly man-about-town, the text was written to be read by and provide detailed advice for both men and women.

Whoohoo, I must say. I’ve seen the pictures. Whoohoo doesn’t do the book justice.

And, while not as old, The Joy of Gay Sex has supported and lifted the spirits of any and all in need of it for decades. As Publisher’s Weekly notes in its review,

Originally published in 1977, four years after the American Psychiatric Association reversed its decision labeling homosexuality a mental disorder, The Joy of Gay Sex continues to be a popular resource due to its “permissive tone about sex,” an important feature and one that has been carefully retained in this revised edition. Readers may object to the title (which lacks the word “male”), the illustrations (which almost solely feature wiry, tattooed and hairless men) and some of the theories (the “daddy/son scene” may be enjoying increased popularity owing to a “greater need for good parenting”), but this is nevertheless a needed title.

Indeed. The world isn’t really split into MALE and FEMALE and it’s becoming more and more obvious that maybe it was never supposed to be thought about that way from the get-go. For example, the “female” hyena:

it’s not only their behavior that’s masculine. Their clitoris is so enlarged it’s often referred to as a pseudo penis. It’s capable of erection, and the female has sex, urinates, and gives birth through it. Females also have a structure that looks remarkably like a scrotum. Even close up, it can be hard to distinguish a female from a male.

There are theories but no definitive reason for the female hyena’s pseudo penis.

“OMG, cool!” probably doesn’t count.

Oh my… Yes, I wind up quoting George Takei there, but who wouldn’t!?

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