Because there aren’t enough actual issues to be pissed off about?


Urban Outfitters had the “audacity” to feature Ganesh on a blanket and now we must be upset about that. Who cares about the starving, the abused, the killed for religion? Ganesh is featured on a kitchy fucking blanket…

Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism, has asked Urban Outfitters to take the duvet cover off the market.

“You can put him in a frame and on the wall. That is fine,” Zed said. “But not to be put on the bed, on which you lie and your feet will go on. That is very inappropriate.”

I’ve had some wine, so I’m somewhat nonsensical at the moment, but this still makes even less sense than my alcohol fueled mind can figure…

Tacky Ganeseh blanket

It’s so tacky. Why give it any publicity whatsoever?


Had it been ignored by the faithful, it would have been barely a ripple in the consciousness of the internet consumer. Now, it’s there for the world to see…\

Why do people need to make mountains out of molehills.. tacky molehills…

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