Sounds of Sunday – by request: Antioquia

So, I got this email:

As Ernest Hemmingway once said, all thinking men are atheists.

Not only does Antioquia have an atheist lead singer, but its feisty rebel music reflects the band’s political and spiritual philosophies. Not for the musically meek, this Oakland-born band’s eclectic world music appeals to the adventurous spirit and curious mind.

The religious beliefs of the band’s lead singer can even be seen in Antioquia’s lyrics.

Antioquia definitely has a lot to say, and atheism is their favorite topic of discussion.

Atheism is a topic of personal importance to the band, for the band’s lead singer, Rachel Antony-Levine, is an atheist who experienced bigotry throughout her entire life due to her beliefs.

However with the support of her parents, both atheist philosophy professors, atheism remains a key part of her personality which she loves to discuss with others. Today she uses Antioquia’s music to demystify atheism to those with open minds.

A working link wasn’t included in the email but Youtube had a few videos available of live shows. It was hard to hear the lyrics for those but this one’s a bit easier:

Yeah, the boogieman’s in your head… so too is the notion of gods or demons or whatever other inventions take the place of rationalism in one’s mind.

I have to say I like the style of the music, too. Quite fun and upbeat and zippy. I bet their live shows are a hoot.

I would love to discuss with you the possibility of Rachel Antony-Levine sharing her personal beliefs and experiences in dealing with bigotry with your readers at Opinion Minion through a blog feature. I’d be happy to hop on a call with you if you’d like to discuss how we can best work together!

I’m not sure I’d know what kind of questions to ask her, to be honest. I notice atheism gets no mention on their band website but I don’t really have to ask why that would be. I listen to Skeptics Guide to the Universe on a regular basis and once in a while the gang bemoans the fact that there aren’t more musicians and artists comfortable with being openly atheist/skeptical and creating good work with that in mind. (Wikipedia lists a bunch of atheist musicians, the bulk of which I’ve never heard of.) I suspect artists know they can reach a bigger audience if they sneak it in sideways. Advertise it and they risk alienating any potential fans who might believe atheists/skeptics are servants of the devil and hell-bent on destroying their God-fearing nation.

Perhaps Rachel can provide a comment…

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