The more things change…

the more things stay the same? Well, sometimes.

The Man and I are changing things up a bit. We’ll still own the same stuff, but where we store it all is changing. We’ve opted on renting a duplex in the city rather than continue paying rent on two apartments. My rent had gone up in April and his was scheduled for a hefty jump in June. Then, there was the fact that my work hours were reduced in May. It made more and more sense to reorganize a few things.

There are other perks beyond financial, of course. He has a hefty vinyl collection and I plan to reboot my Sounds of Sunday series once we get a working turntable.

I’m bringing the bulk of the household stuff in. I’ve always had a well-stocked kitchen and plenty of bedding and towels. Some stuff we’ll be doubled up on (toasters, kettles and microwaves, for example) but he’s offered to chuck most of his “bachelor” kitchen accoutrements in favour of my matching pieces. I’ve always had more than I could realistically expect to use in a week, so it all works out to mutual benefit.

The space is large; two stories plus a partially finished basement. Everything but the basement got refurbished, too. New kitchen cabinets and appliances, new paint, fixtures and flooring besides. It’s very gorgeous. His office space will be upstairs in the smallest of the three bedrooms and the Little Man will get a big bedroom for himself and his toys. He’ll have so much room, he won’t know what area to mess up first. Hopefully, it can all be contained in that area but I’m aware that’s the fanciful notion of a childless person, not the sensible rationalism of a veteran parent. I think some compromising will be in order.

The basement will be multi-purpose; storage and laundry on the one wall and the rest of the space given over to the second TV, comfy chairs, a spare bed, and all the old game systems that are still in use. And whatever toys don’t make it up the stairs again, too. There’s also a nice back yard that will get some good use, and a piece of that might get turned into a garden if we get organized soon enough to plant stuff. I’ve noticed the flowerbed in the front needs some TLC and I might add one more by the driveway where some grass is dead already. The previous tenant parked a car there all winter.

So, yeah. We got the go-ahead to start moving things in this past Monday and Saturday we’ll move the big pieces into the place. For the foreseeable future, my off work time is all about filling, moving, and emptying boxes. I should have everything out of my apartment by Sunday afternoon and do the final cleaning up of the rooms the same day. The space is already rented for June 1 and the caretaker wants to get in to repaint, change the rug and possibly more. It’ll be strange to think of a stranger living in there after 10 years in it myself but I have to be honest and say that duplex feels more and more like home every time I set foot in it.

That’s all for today.

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