DJ Chris Superstar!

I have no idea who Chris Moyles is, but British telly watchers likely will have some idea. He’s been given the honour of playing King Herod in the new production of Jesus Christ Superstar:

The breakfast show motormouth makes his major stage debut in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production touring UK arenas later this year.

Spice Girl Mel C and comic Tim Minchin have also joined as Mary Magdalene and Judas.

Lord Lloyd-Webber is searching for a star to play Jesus on his upcoming ITV1 talent hunt Superstar.

Chris said: “To receive a phone call from Andrew is very cool but then when he asks you to be in his musical that’s pretty amazing and there is only one thing to respond with – and that is yes. Absolutely. My mum’s gonna be well excited.”

Ticket sales start Friday at

That would be a fun show to see live but it’d be a bit out of my budget to hop across an ocean and attend it. The Broadway show is running at New York’s Neil Simon Theatre, too. Closer, but still a bit out of my price range in terms of holidays. Must be nice to be one of those people who can decide on a whim to fly somewhere and not have worries about how to pay for it…

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