The One Minion Search Party – “atheist defines christanity”

Or, spelled correctly, “atheist defines Christianity,” although I don’t know if I’d have to. The basic notion of a Christian is one who’s accepted Christ as his or her personal saviour. The base and bottom line, that’s all you have to do to qualify. Christ died to absolve everyone of sin, so long as they promised to give him the credit for that magnanimous gesture.

At least, that’s what Christians say. I don’t know what order the books were written, if Paul’s collection of letters predates the gospels or the other way around. There are verses in the gospels that suggest it and Paul (or one writing under the name later) came up with other “proof” this was so.

Beyond that, every Christian sect will add in its own definitions of what makes it the right version to follow, be it Protestant, Catholic, or fundamentalist in some other way.

An atheist might choose to define Christians by what they do instead. Atheists can read the bible, too, and see what Jesus said his followers should do and point to all the ways Christians might fail to comply. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, etc.

I’m out of time for now. Perhaps readers can add to this?

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  1. Paul’s letters predate the Gospels. Paul never makes any mention of Jesus or the details of his life. Which if they were as they were written, would certainly be worth mentioning.

  2. tobeforgiven says:

    Whah??? I counted in my concordance that Paul mentions Jesus 218 times. Where do you get that Paul never makes mention of Jesus. Read through Romans 6, 1 Corinthians 1, I would be here all day if I wrote down every section of Paul’s letters that speak about Jesus.

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