The one true god has finally made an appearance

It’s Ganesh. Minus a couple arms, but it’s definitely Ganesh and Oakville, Ontario police are perplexed as to why he’s appeared unannounced in the parking lot of the local museum. It’s a 500 pound marble statue and turned up on the property April 3rd. No one’s stepped up to claim it and no reports were filed about a theft. It must be a miracle!

“We have good information, given the size of it, it would be taken from a temple area as opposed to a home,” Sergeant Dave Cross said Tuesday after police issued a news release requesting the public’s assistance in tracking down the statue’s owner.

After arriving on scene, police had to enlist the assistance of Oakville’s road and works department to move the heavy statue, which was eventually transported to the Halton police property bureau.

The museum itself caters to settlers’ artifacts from the 1900s. Cute as he is, he doesn’t really fit the theme they’re going for. Police have asked for help from the Hindu population in the surrounding area to find out if they can find the statue a better home. Hope they’ll have some luck with that.

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