Yes, I can see “the face” in the cloud…

And it’s nice to see an article that leaves it up to the readers

to decide what it is they see, rather than just quote people who claim it’s God’s face. I can see what looks like guy in a cap and beard looking downward, but I also see another just above that, something resembling a Kewpie doll smoking a pipe.

On that note, I announce a new project I agreed to take on for a Saskatoon Freethinkers meet-up – a talk on the topic of “Icons, Imagery and Imagination.” There will be other fun examples of paredolia plus a few stories of controversial art interspersed with whatever else I can I can dredge up history-wise that show off the wide range of ways religions have used art to get their messages across. It winds up being a bit grandiose in scope but I think the bulk of the research has already been done simply by having this blog.

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  1. mikespeir says:

    God’s beard is on crooked.

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