Another final resting place for Jesus found

I say another because I experienced something akin to deja vu. There was a news report in 2007 about the same thing around the same time of year as now. James Cameron’s “Lost of of Jesus” aired near Easter. You’d hardly announce this kind of thing in June, obviously. It simply must be mentioned while people have Lent to follow and Easter candy in the aisles to tempt them while shopping.

Archeologists think they’ve found a likely tomb. The one Cameron’s film focused on was found in Jerusalem in 1980 and this doesn’t seem to be the same one. The article says it was found in 1981 but was left mostly undisturbed at the time on account of Othodox Jews being opposed to the work the archeologists wanted to do. James Tabor and his team applied for permission to reopen it a couple years ago and

stumbled upon a coffin bearing engravings inside a first-century Christian tomb in Jerusalem which they believe could prove that the site is the final resting place of Jesus. The burial chamber located below a modern condominium building has been dated to before AD 70, so if its engravings are indeed early Christian, they were most likely made by some of Jesus’ earliest followers, the excavators said.

Using a remote-controlled camera connected to a robotic arm, the excavators found that one of the limestone boxes, also known as ossuaries, bears an inscription in Greek that refers to “Divine Jehovah”, raising someone up.

Another box featured an image thought to be a representation of Jonah and the whale. This was apparently a common decoration on early Christian tombs. Both Jonah and Jesus were in their predicament for 3 days.

Researchers expect their findings to “become controversial.” Well, duh. They aren’t the first to claim they’ve found it and I doubt they’ll be the last, either. I expect there will always be people who seek physical proof of biblical tales to legitimize continued faith in those old stories and allegories. It’s one thing to believe you’re right. It’s another to know you are. Historical proof would go a long way toward bolstering a faith under what seems like constant fire from the dedicated atheist camp. Here it is! Here He was! Stop telling us we’re delusional! I don’t know if they’ve found the tomb Christ’s body would have laid in. It’s interesting to find a tomb anyone from that era would have been in. It’s interesting to learn about how people’s remains were honoured, whether they were actual sons of god or not.

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4 Responses to Another final resting place for Jesus found

  1. Nate says:

    Interesting post. I ran across an article about this the other day too, and if I remember right, they seemed to indicate that they believed remains were still in the ossuary., which could actually prove problematic for Christians. Of course, like you alluded to, none of this will ever settle things once and for all. I don’t think there’s any archaeological find that could prove beyond a doubt that Christianity is or isn’t true. But that’s true for any topic.

    Nice blog, by the way!

  2. Laurance says:

    Yes, if there are remains there, well, what does that do to the resurrection? Never mind, people will believe what they need to believe.

  3. tmso says:

    I guess it means that someone is making money somewhere. That’s good, right?

  4. 1minionsopinion says:

    These are more comments than I’ve seen on a post in a while. heh.

    I’m always intrigued by the bible archeology stories. Jerusalem must be such a fascinating place when it comes to looking at its history as a whole. Three religions can call the area home and squabble over the significance of rocks on the land there, plus try to lay claim to what’s under them.

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