Astrological sign linked to jail time

S’truth! More Aries are in jail than Libras, apparently, but Libras are running second (and Virgos a close third) in what has to be one of the oddest behavioural surveys I’ve seen. It was done by police in Chatham-Kent, Ontario:

“You can’t really read too much into it,” says Const. Michael Pearce, a police spokesman, who used an Excell spreadsheet to classify the data. “I don’t comment too much on the Zodiac stuff because I don’t want any backlash about it. I am not drawing any conclusions about it.”

Still, Georgia Nicols, who writes the National Post’s horoscope, said that the results in Chatham-Kent make some sense.

“Aries is the sign of the warrior,” said Ms. Nicols, speaking from her home on Bowan Island, off the coast of Vancouver. “Aries rules the military. Aries jump in head first, and love adventure. A lot of people in the newsroom are Aries.”

Sagittarius stays out of the crime stats, she suggests, because “They don’t get caught. They are smooth. They can talk anybody into anything.”

Sure, believe a horoscope writer over a police officer. That’s useful.

Reminds me of something I heard on an old Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast, but I forget which one. Apparently in Japan some businesses were taking applicants based on star sign. There was another place doing something similar, but I forget where it was. Curse my brain.

There are scientific studies that seem to point to season/month of birth mattering for certain things but again, my brain is crashing when thinking of examples. I’ll have to look for some when I have more time to deal with it properly.

Anne Massey, an astrologer in Surrey, B.C., has seen statistics suggesting that Cancers are most likely to be arrested, whereas the most law-abiding signs are Capricorn and Scorpio. She puts little stock in any of this, noting, “I really don’t think the sun sign has anything to do with it because astrology is far more complex than that.”

Dr. Anthony Doob, a professor of criminology at the University of Toronto, said, “I have no idea whether people born at particular times of the year are more likely to be arrested than anyone else. You would have to look at whether there is some consistency across time. My guess is that that, just from listening to the radio, there is not a whole lot going on anywhere, so someone produced this data.”

Const. Pearce, who produced the data, concedes, “Next year the list could be completely different unless we arrest the same people.”

Of all the things people want to put their faith in…

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