Darwin Day Saskatoon updated info

From the Saskatoon Freethinker’s meetup site:

The University of Saskatchewan Freethought Alliance, Saskatoon Skeptics and Centre for Inquiry Saskatchewan are proud to host the fourth annual Darwin Day celebration in Saskatoon on February 12 from 1:00-5:00 pm.

Come and help us celebrate Darwin’s 203rd birthday with 2 presentations followed by discussions. Speakers this year are from the U of S Biology department: Prof. José Andrés and Prof. Dick Neal (Emeritus). Birthday cake and coffee will be available and the Museum of Natural Sciences is nearby for touring and working on a scavenger hunt.

Schedule of Events (subject to change):

1:00 pm Introduction & 1st Presentation

2:45 pm Birthday Cake & Coffee; Museum Touring

3:15 pm 2nd Presentation

5:30 pm Pub Discussion (anyone interested can join us for further discussion & cheer – probably at nearby Alexander’s)

Cash donations are optional, but welcome all the same. Tax receipts are available for any donation over $10. Head for the Biology building (112 Science Place) and look for room 106. That’ll be us.

Hopefully we get a good turnout this year. Last year seemed kind of poor but I think there were a few other things going on around town, too, and maybe we didn’t give ourselves enough time to advertise the event and really plug the value of attending. It was interesting, thoug. One of the speakers took us through some human history from an archeological standpoint and I remember being enthralled by the talk but I never took any notes to blog from later, alas.

I’ve heard that one topic getting discussed this year will be altruism, a facet of humanity that religionists like to co-opt as their own special god-inspired trait (like this dude who merely falls back on Pascal’s Wager as if that could ever good enough reasoning) but I think the audience for that particular lecture will learn how that’s not quite the case.

So, if you’re in the area and can find a little time that Sunday, give this event a try. Like it says above, there will be cake. Always worth the calories, cake… And you can feed your brain at the same time. Also worth it.


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