I don’t know if I’d want to see Jesus getting touched…

…but it’s good to find out that a short film featuring JC on the cross and St Teresa of Avila giving him a “sexual caress” is no longer banned in Britain. And it only took 20 years. Well done. It was the only film in Britain’s history deemed blasphemous enough by law to warrant the ban but now that blasphemy is no longer a crime (as of 2008), the film has finally gotten a pass.

In a statement today, the board said: “With the abolition of the offence of blasphemy, the board does not consider that the film is in breach of any other UK law that is currently in force.

“Nor does the board regard the film as likely to cause harm to viewers in the terms envisioned by the Video Recordings Act.

But it added: “The board recognises that the content of the film may be deeply offensive to some viewers.

“However, the board’s guidelines reflect the clear view of the public that adults should have the right to choose their own viewing, provided that the material in question is neither illegal nor harmful.

“In the absence of any breach of UK law and the lack of any credible risk of harm, as opposed to mere offensiveness, the board has no sustainable grounds on which to refuse a classification to Visions Of Ecstasy in 2012.”

Still doesn’t sound like anything I’d watch, but then again, I sat through “Club of the Discarded” recently which features stop motion mannequins having “sex” (among other things) so who really knows for sure…

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