New way to get ahead – cut one off a Jesus statue

Beats me why anyone would want one, but whatever. That’s what happened in Boston.

(via CBS Local)

The Rev. Jack Ahern of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta at St. Margaret’s church in the city’s Dorchester section says when he arrived at the church Sunday morning the statue’s head was lying on the ground in pieces and the statue had been knocked off its base.

Ahern tells The Boston Globe the statue was right next to the sidewalk and people used to touch it for inspiration as they walked past.

He says the statue is beyond repair and there has been no discussion of replacing it.

I’m sure the community will rally around and help them commission another one at some point. Quoting CBS Local, quoting the radio:

“It’s so disrespectful. There’s no respect any more,” a parishioner told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Wednesday.

“I wonder how people are raised with the lack of morals, that they would even think of doing that.”

Can’t say for sure it was done by people lacking morals. They might be people who are nice to their parents, always say please and thank you and would never rob, cheat, or lie. For all we know it was really an “act of God” that will jumpstart a cavalcade people announcing their miraculous healings just because they walked by the pieces of the thing and now claim to be cured. Then the pieces will get collected as first class relics and others with even worse morals will break up pieces of plaster to sell to people as second and third class relics at exorbitant prices and fleece the really gullible believers…

Or it was just petty vandalism by idiots who’ll brag about it on Facebook and be caught by tomorrow.

Edit Jan 27/12 — New article about incident with headline “Boston police seek mystery witness in beheading of Jesus statue at Dorchester church” and my very first thought was, “Finding God’s not going to help them solve this…” Well, it was funny at the time. Actual news is that police have lost track of someone who claims he or she has information and want that person to step up and tell them more.

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