Cast away!

What a nice feeling to be without that thing. I have a list of exercises I’m to follow for the next three weeks to increase mobility but I know that half of that work will be done just by going to work every damn day. The only things I’m not supposed to do for the next while is lift, push or pull heavy objects.

My banned book club meets tonight to talk Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski. I recall that I didn’t write up anything about Slaughterhouse Five the previous month but maybe I’ll be able to recall enough of the discussion (or at least my own thought patterns at the time) and remedy that in the next few days. The more I use my arm the better, right?

Next week there’s supposed to be an interesting Philosophy in the Community meeting. They’re all interesting, but this one in particular is supposed to focus on atheism and spirituality which is up this blogger’s alley. And I thought there was something else to add but now I forget. Oh, yeah, my “Old news” series shall continue for a while yet. I can’t write about everything I find in one sitting, after all…

Edit Jan 13 – Turns out the philosophy lecture was on the 11th so I missed it anyway. Bah.

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2 Responses to Cast away!

  1. Laurance says:

    Hello. Minion…now you’re inspiring me to discover Vonnegut. As if I didn’t already have about a squillion books waiting to be read. But yes, now I think I will put “Slaughterhouse Five” on my To Read list.

    And I will check into Ham on Rye.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’d never read either author before so it was a treat. Grapes of Wrath was the pick for our next meeting. Another one I’ve never read.

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