Virgin Mary? I think it looks like the aura around a…

penis actually. But check out the picture yourself and see what you think.

According to the article:

An Ybor City restaurant’s name has taken on a new meaning after some say the image of the Virgin Mary appeared on one of its walls.

The restaurant is Hamburger Mary’s and the image first got attention over the weekend after some customers noted its appearance on a stainless steel plate on the wall near the kitchen.

“From certain angles it does look like the Virgin Mary,” says acting manager Melanie Todd. “I never have noticed it myself, before [this weekend].”

This isn’t the first time the Blessed Virgin has appeared on an inanimate object in Tampa Bay. For several years an image said to be her adorned the glass windows of a Clearwater office building. Vandals destroyed the several of the windows in 2004.

Todd says the image at the restaurant — known for its gay karaoke and drag queen bingo nights — reminds her of that earlier appearance in Clearwater. “Everybody is curious to see it,” she says. “It’s a true image, it really is.”

A true image insofar as the pattern is truly there on the wall, not a photograph doctored after the fact. But truly the Virgin Mary? Poppycock.

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