Early morning Christmas greetings!

Quick hiya from Dial-up Land. Hope the day brings lots of joy and useful gifts, not a bunch of crap you have to lie about when you say how much you appreciate them.

Quick memory: I never could sleep worth a damn Christmas eve and would often have all my presents unwrapped before 6am, long before the folks felt like being up to hear whatever noise maker wound up under there. I was also one of those kids who couldn’t help but pick at the corners and spoil every surprise days before the big day. I remember one year, though, where we had company sleeping over. I’m guessing it would have been around the age of 9 or 10. My aunt and uncle were camped out in the living room and their daughter was on the sofa in the basement. My folks informed me the night before that we’d all open gifts as soon as everyone was up. Talk about a pain in the ass! That cousin never rolled her ass off the couch until it was nearly 10 and then everyone wanted breakfast first and by this point I was so irate and pissy I was capable of ruining moods for the whole of the day. So imagine how shamed and guilty I felt when it turned out that cousin was actually thoughtful enough to get me a gift. I even remember what it was – a cute little bear in a cute little Christmas themed mug.

The gift is long gone but the memory lives on.

Have a terrific day.

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