I’ll be home for Christmas

And since Christmas is in Dial-up Land, posting will be on hiatus again. At least it’s for a better reason than an injury. Have some Johnny Mathis to tide you over until Tuesday. Drive safe this weekend everyone, and hope all who want to get home can manage it — or at least dream.

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1 Response to I’ll be home for Christmas

  1. Laurance says:

    Oh, all right! Just tug on my heartstrings! It’s that ending line, “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams” that makes me all sentimental and weepy.

    I don’t give a good goddam about christmas. Saturnalia, Solstice, the fact that the days will get longer, yeah! But I have no interest in christmas.

    Still I’m a sucker for a sentimenal and sloppy emotional tearjerker. They have a version of this song now that features a voice-over. I can’t hear it too clearly because the radio is in the store where I work, and I’m up front and the radio is in back, but I get that the voice-over is about someone, maybe a soldier stationed far away?, I can’t hear it clearly, but I can picture a soldier far away dreaming of his family back home….

    Who sez atheists are hard-hearted materialistic uncaring people? I may be a Hitchens-lovin’ snarky atheist, but I can get all gooey and mushy with the best of them.

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