Posting is awkward atm

I fell while ice skating on Saturday night and have injured my left wrist and hand. I’ll be off work today for sure and will head to a clinic for a check up later this morning. It’ll be wise to ask for a note I can bring back to work that officially restricts my workload. Lifting bins and boxes of books is out of the question; I can’t hold the pill bottle and get the child proof cap off at the same time. Dressing is going to provide a few challenges, too. Wish for me a speedy recovery!

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2 Responses to Posting is awkward atm

  1. Laurance says:

    How is it in Canada? Here in the Benighted States we can ask the pharmacist for a non-childproof bottle cap. Old geezers like me and my Sweetie have a hard time with those damn senior-proof caps, and there are no children around here who can open the bottle for us.

    Can you ask your pharmacist to put your pills in an easy opening bottle?

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Just happened to be that kind of bottle. Other brands let you line up arrows and pop off. Next purchase will be one of those!!

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