I know pride tends to be a downside sometimes…

…but when people do a good thing, why not take a little credit for it? I don’t mean brag and make pests of themselves by advertising their awesomeness on television or what have you, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a person admitting, “It needed doing and I knew how to do it, so I made sure I did. I’m glad I could help.”

What happens instead? God gets all the credit for human beings doing the right thing.

When a good Samaritan from Canada stopped along a Wisconsin highway to help Sara Berg and her cousin change a blown tire, he remarked that “someone up above” must have brought them together, and she replied “thank God for you.”

Minutes later, less than a quarter mile down the road, Berg and her cousin, Lisa Meier, were able to repay this stranger’s kindness, saving his life by performing CPR on him after he went into cardiac arrest.

“I 100 per cent believe God had a huge hand in it and that God did put me and Lisa and all those people in the right place at the right time,” Berg, a nurse’s assistant, said by phone from the Eau Claire area Tuesday. “I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful I could be there as quickly as I could to help him.”

It’d be great if people didn’t attribute every good result to divine intervention. It’d be great if people were taught from the get-go that the reason we ought to help our fellow human beings is because we’re human beings, too, not because some invisible thing will make eternity difficult for us if we don’t.

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