Taking a snow day

Actually, I’m just bloody lazy. I had fun last night at the dance. A lot of people took the costume suggestions to heart and came well kitted out with period outfits. I cheated with jeans and a white T-shirt but that’s been an icon of “fashion” since at least the days of Rebel Without a Cause, so I blended into the 1950s quite nicely. They were giving away free condoms and had several raffle prize baskets made up with stuff donated by 302’s and beginner, intermediate and expert sex toy sets. I don’t hold out hope of winning any of them but who knows.

It is snowing here though, first of the season, and likely to be sticking around until spring now. I bought a dorky looking ear-flap toque that ties under my chin but I had to slice and sew around a couple slits near the ears so I could wear it comfortably with my glasses. It looks even dorkier now, but I’ll be the warm one while those laugh just to keep from freezing…

For those who have to be out on the roads today, good luck and drive safe.

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