There’s a picture of two ghosts having sex?

This bugs me. Story like this and no picture to go along with it.

An Ohio woman said her 4-year-old granddaughter snapped a picture of two ghosts having sexual relations in her living room.

Dianne Carlisle of Euclid said her granddaughter, Kimora, 4, was playing with her cellphone in the living room and Carlisle later found one of the pictures she snapped depicted a pair of ghosts getting down and dirty, WJW-TV, Cleveland, reported Tuesday.

“I never seen anything like this,” Dianne said. “I mean, ghosts still have feelings? (They’re) having sex?”

Carlisle said she has had previous encounters with ghosts, including a voicemail message from her deceased sister.

Gawker saves the day, though.

They also have the video footage Fox news got of the family after the fact. I expect the girl accidentally took a photo of a lamp that was on while her hand was moving the camera and the result was a flash of light that looks a bit like legs entwined. That’s far more likely than catching two ghosts in flagrente delicto if you ask me.

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6 Responses to There’s a picture of two ghosts having sex?

  1. MarlaMS says:

    I really don’t see ghosts having sex in that picture…

  2. tmso says:

    Oh no, baby, I see ’em. I see ’em! Getting me all hot and bothered! 😉

    What I want to know is: did they have to explain sex, and paranormal sex at that, to the little girl? I mean, they’re gonna have to do it now with all this media press and all, right?

    Poor thing. Her children will be forever tainted by ethereal sex. Of course, that might not be a bad thing…

  3. chloe says:

    who wants to have sex when there older?

  4. 1minionsopinion says:

    So long as all the parts work, people can have sex at whatever age they want. Nobody else has to see them do it, unless it’s arranged beforehand…

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