I didn’t give out bibles or candy

I live in an apartment building and the only knock on my door last night was due to my caretaker. As to candy, I’m hoping leftovers make it to work today. I didn’t bother buying any.

I was hoping this was a joke but it turns out a Canadian pastor really did encourage kids to be Jesus Weeners this year and requested that parents dress their kids in white instead of evil costumes, and pass out bibles instead of sinfully delicious treats.

The idea has caught on in communities across North America, according to Jesus Ween creator Paul Ade. He’s hoping it will bring a new perspective to an otherwise pagan festival, he said.

“I do not associate myself with ghosts, demons, Satan and witches. These are things I want to get rid of,” he said.

“If it’s OK for a child to know about demons, it should also be OK for a child to know about Jesus.”

Jesus Ween has attracted international attention, with media reports circulating as far away as Britain.

That’s because international media latches onto anything remotely ridiculous and this completely qualifies. Alas, it’s hitting the right notes in some circles:

As of Thursday, Jesus Ween had more than 4,000 supporters on Facebook. Fans of the movement have erected billboards in Toronto and some people have put bumper stickers on vehicles.

The pastor has 200 “kid-friendly” bibles ready to distribute to Calgary children on Monday. “I don’t think we’re ruining anybody’s fun. Getting a bible is not getting a bomb. It’s nothing really bad,” Ade said.

A “kid-friendly” bible won’t be bad, I suppose, just watered down and essentially harmless bits of Jesus-love and kumbaya, etc. Let them get wind of the messier, juicier stories from the adult-oriented version when they’re older, eh? Ezekiel’s zombie army, the old bald man who set bears on kids who teased him, anything out of Revelation…

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7 Responses to I didn’t give out bibles or candy

  1. adpraisal says:

    I think as a kid expecting sweets, getting a bible would seem a bit of a letdown and a shock

  2. cookingwithdogs says:

    Bibles in the booty bags may lead to soaped windows or TPing of trees or worse.

  3. Tmso says:

    I’d want the stories about zombies, old men with bears, and doomsday. What self-respecting kid wouldn’t? 😉

  4. 1minionsopinion says:

    It didn’t even occur to my overly-religious aunt to do that to us when I was a kid. She didn’t even give us the kind of candy with bible verses printed on them, but maybe those didn’t exist back then.

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  6. tmso says:

    That’s got to be the best ping back. I wonder if they’ll ever notice.

  7. 1minionsopinion says:

    Bible study lessons? Really?

    I clicked it and I quote:

    “This entry was posted in Feeds and tagged adult, advice, cookingwithdogs, helen-keller, jesus, kids, media, stumbleupon. ”

    I’ve never put anything in this blog about cooking with dogs.

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