Maybe I should get this Jesus statue obsession of mine looked at by a professional

I write a lot about the darn things. That may be, but at least I’m not going out of my way to steal one:

The Rev. Charles Kieffer said he noticed the statue missing from outside the parish near 52nd Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix early Saturday morning.

He said a family donated the 4-foot-tall bronze statue to the parish in 2005.

“It was a statue of a welcoming Christ and the whole idea, especially at the entry to our campus, was to convey the fact that all people are welcome here at Saint Theresa and that we’re open to all,” Kieffer said.

A surveillance camera captured someone loading the statue apparently wrapped in a tarp into the back of a pickup truck driven by another individual.

Phoenix police are asking for calls from anyone who might have information about the theft.


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