We celebrated the not end of the world with a little karaoke

But nobody got up to sing “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” because nobody felt they could keep up with the lyrics no matter how big they may have been typed on screen.

I’m going back to bed now. I don’t even know why I woke up this early anyway. Oh right – because my brain’s set for 5:30 AM most days anyway and now it thinks I’ve “slept too long.” Not when bedtime was 2AM, foolish brain…

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2 Responses to We celebrated the not end of the world with a little karaoke

  1. Laurance says:

    We celebrated the end of the world (not) with a movie and popcorn and snacks.


    “The Night The World Exploded” was cornball serious and reminiscent of the ’50’s. I was full of popcorn and munchies, and enjoyed an excuse to socialize with other atheists.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Oh fun. I love hokey old movies and it doesn’t matter how bad they are. I don’t know if I mentioned this lately, but check out the series of posts I did called Friday Night Frights and Super Scary Saturdays where I watched a collection of what had to be some of the worst films ever saved on celluloid. And I did it all for you, the readers… but I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it, too.


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