The One Minion Search Party – annual Zeus update edition

I’m actually a month late doing this. Here’s last year’s search stats:

george washington zeus 43
zeus is satan 42
zeus satan 41
is zeus satan 33
george washington zeus statue 32
zeus lucifer 6
artemisium zeus 22
zeus from sea of care sculpture 4
george washington zeus hand 3
zeus of artemisium devouring his son 1
zeus cartoon thunderbolt 1
is zues a fallen angel 1

Zeus searches as counted between October 19, 2010 and yesterday:

zeus is satan 44
zeus lucifer 29
zeus and satan 23
is zeus satan 23
statue of zeus 12
zeus pose 11
zeus statue 11
zeus is lucifer 11
zeus and lucifer 10
merciful zeus 10
zeus thunderbolt symbol 7
zeus nephilim 7
zeus was satan 7
zeus’s master bolt 7
statue de zeus 6
zeus lightning bolt statue 6
satan and zeus 6
is zeus lucifer 5
the statue of zeus 5
artemisium zeus 5
lucifer zeus 4
is zeus satan? 4
zeus back arm throwing thunderbolt(extended) front arm poised 4
zues is satan 4
satan is zeus 4
nephilim zeus 3
zeus throwing a lightning bolt 3

And if there were any that scored only 1 or 2 hits, they don’t show. Sorry. Can certainly see where the interest lies, though. A lot more about connections to Satan than artwork. Someone’s got their propaganda engine running pretty smoothly. Poor Zeus.

Other notable searches:

things that rhyme with Jesus (217, counting all variations of phrase and spellings of “rhyme”)
Helen Keller and satanism (186)
Chinese baby and/or hamburger, not counting A&W baby burgers (141)

And my personal favourite, the one that makes me wish I had a turn table and a method of recording my skippy copy for Youtube — “Quackamoobacluckaphobia” garnered 18 hits. I think that’s a record. Plus, I’m still the only person Google knows that knows that song. How awesome is that?

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  1. tmso says:

    That’s fascinating. Where are all those articles on Zeus? I’ll have to do that sometime for my blog.

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