Free bible fun available today

It’d be really nice to have a teleporter. Lots of reasons why, but today the reason has to do with the announcement of the annual free admission day at The Holy Land Experience. I’d never pay to see that shit but after watching Religulous and getting a glimpse at the daily hilarity available on site, I discovered a craving to see it first hand. And then I slapped myself and felt better.

The park must offer free admission to the public one day each year under a state law that then guarantees Holy Land a property-tax exemption as a religious entity.

The exemption saves the park about $300,000 a year in Orange County taxes, according to property-appraiser records.

In the past, they were in the habit of only announcing their free day to those watching shows on the Trinity Broadcasting Network or tuning into to Christian radio stations but I gather they realized it’d be impossible to keep all the unwanted elements (like mocking atheists) out that easily. Besides, what better locale for flexing the conversion muscles? If you liked the show, check out the real thing…

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    Maybe next year… although I’m sure I could think of some better way to spend a holiday. Recovering from surgery, a witness protection program, jail…

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