Finally a reason to re-string my guitar

It was a Christmas gift when I was a teenager. I dimly recall being asked by my parents if I wanted a camera or a guitar that year and I’m pretty sure I said camera, but what’s Christmas without a surprise under the tree, right? It did get some play but it’s spent far more of its life under beds and in closets. I’m not a performer by nature; I’m far more into being behind the scenes away from prying eyes. Like blogging under a pseudonym wasn’t a big enough clue…

Anyway, the Man’s been gainfully employed in the apartment clean-out business for the past few years but it’s less cash profitable and more a pack-rat’s dream job. Once in a while he’s managed to snatch up some terrific stuff that was deliberately left behind by fly-by-nights or others who had reasons not to take things with them when they go.

Like this marvelous guitar pick he gave me the other night.

Doesn’t this pick just cry out for use on songs like this one:

(and more possibilities here)

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  1. guitar picks says:

    Maybe if I were in your place when they asked me which gift I wanted, I would have chosen the same thing. I do love taking pictures but now that I am starting out to play the guitar, I would have wanted a guitar as a present then. There is just something about playing music that a camera would not be able to provide. Anyway, thank you for this post. I got some restringing to do, too.

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