Australian Christ of interest to neuroscientist

A sudden boost in hits on an earlier blogpost about Alan John Miller, a man in Australia claiming to be Jesus, got me wondering what led up to it. Apparently he was recently featured on television and a neuroscientist by the name of Dr. Louise Faber has been studying some of his followers to see how their experience of “divine love” affects their brains. She happens to be a follower as well but hopes her work will pass peer review.

As part of the research she performed an EEG on believers to test electrical activity in their brain as they experienced Miller’s “divine love”.

Dr Faber said the results were similar to brain activity seen in monks during meditation. “We’ve found the divine love causes quite a lot of changes to the brain,” she said.

She added: “It’s the first study that’s ever been done of this kind so it’s very exploratory.”

Brain reactions to the belief that divine love is being experienced is probably what she’s actually measuring but whatever. At least she’s curious about why this guy elicits such a mental response. What is it about a charismatic personality that can change people to such an extent?

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