Found a Christian review of the new Doctor Who…

about episode that aired this weekend. Stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet.

Guest star Daniel Mays is believable as a working-class, straightforward, yet caring father. In particular, in the moving denouement, where he reassures George: “I’m your father, and whoever you are, whatever you do, you will always be my son.”

This illustrates the Christian idea of sonship: that when someone becomes a Christian (that is, repents of their sins and puts their trust fully in Jesus’ death on the cross in their place), they’re ‘adopted’ by God the Father, who loves them unconditionally because of Jesus, and so they become effectively a son (or daughter) of God.

Also, the Christian solution to worry (and arguably the only ultimate solution) is to trust in God. This is arguably represented here by George ‘praying’ to The Doctor for help, and then The Doctor comes and saves the day. (Except it’s not exactly the same, because George is the only one who can overcome his fears. Having said that, though, it’s only because of his father’s love for him that he’s able to do so.)

Arguably for Christians, that is. For people taking a secular route, or more specifically an atheist route, we’ll deal with worry in a different way. We’ll rely more on our friends or our family (as George ultimately relies on his father for reassurance) or seek out the help of professionals we can trust (like doctors). And besides, the Doctor’s no god, he’s just an alien speaking from 900+ years of valuable experience:

“Old eyes, remember, I’ve been around the block a few times. More than a few. They’ve knocked down the blocks I’ve been around and rebuilt them as bigger blocks. Super blocks! I’ve been around them as well…”


It didn’t sound like George’s folks were planning on leaving their worries in God’s hands; they wanted real help. And they got it. Hurray for the Doctor! Who wants kippers?

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