I’ve updated my pages

Those who actually read my blog at my site will notice the page that was once called “Freethinker Alert” is now called “CFI-Saskatoon News” and is finally up to date. I really fell behind on that one. The “Lit List” has also been updated, but there wasn’t a hell of a lot to add. I borrow six times as many books as I actually wind up reading — the curse of a library employee, I’m sure. Especially when I borrow just as many films…

I’m looking forward to starting a couple books this weekend, though: The Three Christs of Ypsilanti by Milton Rokeach (which I will definitely write about upon finishing) and etre the cow by Sean Kenniff, which is a book about a “simple, yet sentient farm cow” and her experiences. I may wind up writing something about that, too. Time will tell. It’s very short but looks intriguing.


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