Faith healing couple faces hefty medical bill

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland wound up serving time for first-degree criminal mistreatment after failing to promptly treat their daughter’s weird eye condition. She had a growth above her left that that, left untreated, would have led to blindness.

When she was taken into protective custody, she received expensive treatments, paid by Oregon taxpayers through the Oregon Health Plan.

The Wylands are members of the Followers of Christ, an Oregon City church that practices faith healing and rejects doctors.

Their attorneys question some of the medical charges brought by the state, including vaccinations that were not approved by her parents. These vaccinations were not relevant to Alayna’s condition.

I say just dock the cost of the vaccinations from the $26,000 that might wind up being owed by the family if the restitution hearing leans that way.

Actually, I predict that this means the parents will be encouraged to sue the hospital and state now. Heaven forbid the evil doctors should get away with preventing future health issues while they dealt with her immediate health issues. Scandalous behaviour! It must not be tolerated! Only prayer can truly keep children safe from measles, whooping cough, and all the other nasty demons masquerading as viruses and germs!

I’m glad the kid got real help and I’m sure deep down she’s grateful that people stepped in to save her sight. Deeper down, maybe her parents will be, too. That faith healing crap is so ridiculous and does more harm to children than doctors do.

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