Go to a drive-thru church? I’d rather have a hamburger

But in Lucas, Texas, people are more than willing to head for the Sanctuary Under the Sky.

Dotty Claybrook said the direct contact with nature appeals to her. She’s turned off by mega-churches and open groups, and prefers a more intimate setting — alone in her car.

She realizes folks may criticize the idea, but Claybrook has faith in Pastor David Ray. “He’s making a difference,” she said.

This is the third drive-thru church that Ray has launched with a primary mission of reaching the “un-churched,” something he thinks Jesus approve of.

I don’t see how a parking lot gives people “direct contact with nature” when they sit inside their cars, probably wasting gas by running them with the air conditioning blasting at the same time. Jesus never had air conditioning. The best he could manage was waving his tunic around his legs once in a while to take advantage of the random breeze. In the pictures, there’s very little nature visible at all and what there is for shade looks to be assembled for Pastor Ray’s personal heat-stroke protection. Potty Dotty could achieve the same “intimate setting” with Vision TV, or whatever popular religious program she can get in her living room. Why bother with this kind of thing? Reaching the un-churched? Is that likely? And why get up earlier for this weird business when the service will be repeated in air-conditioned indoor splendor a couple hours later? It just seems like an odd fad to me. Maybe it’ll catch on in other areas but I can’t really see this as much of a threat to the power and influence nearby megachurches might wield.

I wonder if they have a concession stand…

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  1. tmso says:

    What a gimmick. Yeah, I’d want a huge side of fries with that sermon…

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