Soon you can sit at home and watch a Jesus statue get built

Rebuilt, in fact:

The pace is expected to pick up soon on the construction of a new statue portraying Jesus at Solid Rock Church in Monroe.

Work on the concrete foundation that the new 51-foot tall statue “Come Unto Me” will be erected on is complete, said Ron Carter, administrator of the church.

Sculptor Tom Tsuchiya and Steve Brauch, of Glasshand LLC., are the two Cincinnati artists who are heading up the project to replace the former “King of Kings” monument that was stuck by lighting in June 2010 at Solid Rock Church, 904 N. Union Road.

A webcam will be set up soon so the whole world can monitor the progress via the internet. “Basically, it’s the same view you would get driving by from the highway,” said Brauch.

Doesn’t that sound like the most exciting thing since watching paint dry? OmNeg (Oh, my Non-existent god) I’ll be sure to pass on the link as soon as I discover it’s available. I can hardly wait.

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