Why follow a god that permits abuse?

Oh right, so abusers can justify spanking their children to death. Kevin and Elizabeth Shatz spanked Lidia 7 hours (with a few prayer breaks in between) and it resulted in severe tissue damage causing death.

That site offers part 1 of the CNN broadcast of the case and quotes the end:

Kevin Schatz has pleaded guilty to torture and murder, and will spend the next 22 years in prison. His wife Elizabeth will serve at least 12. At their court hearing, Lydia’s 11-year-old sister Zakiah asked her parents, “Why did you adopt her? To kill her?”

The Shatz were influenced by the cruel teachings of a couple known far and wide as promoters of violence against children as a way to obey God utterly: Michael and Debi Pearl. They’re co-authors of numerous books, one of which was found in the Shatz’ possession, To Train Up a Child. In their books, and on that video, they insist that “sparing the rod” doesn’t just mean spoiling the child, but hating the child. Real love is to hit them with anything that will make a great slapping noise against their skin, like a spatula. The Shatz chose sturdy plumbing pipes. Those worked really well.

It’s sickening. Truly sickening. How anyone can get so wrapped up in that bloody book and think it’s giving the world an acceptable way to live… This is unacceptable. Anyone who supports the Pearls and their horrific version of child-rearing should wake the hell up and see just what kind of monsters they’ve become. Situations like this are reasons why I can get behind the notion of capital punishment sometimes. I suspect each Shatz will wind up spending the majority of their prison time in solitary. There are some lines even die-hard criminals would never dream of crossing.

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  1. tmso says:

    See now, I support capital punishment for those two – they deserve it. That’s just sick.

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